About Us

Welcome to our website.
malbusaat business card

Let’s start with the meaning of our brand name;
Malbusaat is an Urdu word meaning “Clothing”.
Malbusaat is a trademarked & registered brand in London, UK established in 2019, a retail brand, that took on the garment industry’s antiquated norms. Our aim was to introduce clothing that would alter the fashion business and allow women to be more creative with their appearances. Malbusaat also concentrates on creating designs that evoke nostalgia while being contemporary.
Style & Fashion to us isn’t simply a business; it’s our obsession. From pret-a-porter to extravagance high fashion, it’s our objective to assist clients with looking the best form of themselves, whatever the season. You’ve come to the perfect place if you got bored seeing same designs everywhere and want to try something new. We endeavour to be inventive and hardworking, providing what our customers want and prioritising their needs.

Brand Registration Number: UK00003683885
Company Registration Number: 12914279
Registered Address: 4 South Lane West, New Malden, KT3 5AQ, United Kingdom